The Asbestos Awareness Campaign and the asbestosawareness.com.au website was launched in 2011.  It is the initiative of the Asbestos Education Committee consisting of a number of key stakeholders including the not-for-profit, corporate, government and asbestos related diseases support groups and research organisations.  Since launching the campaign in NSW, in 2012 the campaign was rolled out nationally and works closely with community stakeholders including local and state governments as well as businesses to increase awareness of the dangers of asbestos and how to manage it safely. 

The Asbestos Education Committee will focus on home renovators and tradesman by:

  • Alerting those people to the dangers of asbestos;
  • Alerting those people as to what products may contain asbestos and where those products may be found in existing household or other environment; and
  • Advising those people as to the steps that ought be taken by people planning home renovations or who otherwise identify asbestos products in their home or other.

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