What Are the Legal Requirements When Working with Asbestos?

Asbestso Awareness Month - House and SignEach Government has different regulations in force to protect you, your family, the environment and the community when you are working with asbestos. Legal requirements relating to asbestos include:

  • It is illegal to dispose of asbestos waste in domestic garbage bins
  • It is illegal to re-use or recycle asbestos products
  • It is illegal to dump asbestos products. To locate your closest asbestos disposal facility visit the ASEA’s database
  • It is illegal to use power tools that make asbestos fibres airborne
  • It is illegal to waterblast asbestos cement sheets (fibro)
  • In some states only licenced asbestos removalists can remove asbestos of 10 square metres or more
  • Only licenced Friable Asbestos Removalists are able to handle or remove any amount of friable asbestos
  • All licenced contractors have to be able to give you a copy of their licence, you should ask to see their licence when hiring an asbestos removalist to ensure they have a current licence
  • All asbestos removal is to be in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos NOHSC [2002(2005)]
  • It is illegal to bury asbestos on your own property
  • All asbestos must be legally disposed of at a lawful landfill site. Not every landfill site is authorised to accept asbestos.
  • Your council may also have policies regarding the removal of asbestos so visit your council’s website to find out what’s required

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