Asbestos Products Database

The Asbestos Products Database is Australia’s first comprehensive online database to assist homeowners, renovators, tradespeople and some industries to identify asbestos-containing materials so they can be managed safely. The database provides  multiple search options for products commonly used in residential and commercial properties, in agriculture, automotive, industrial, plant and marine products and features over 60 different product types and more than 550 product photographs with descriptions and locations where these products might be found in homes built or renovated prior to 1990. 

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NameWall Vent
CaptionInternal wall vent
LocationDomestic home
SourceAsbestos Education Committee
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NameWall Vent in kitchen
CaptionWall Vent in kitchen
LocationDomestic home
SourceAsbestos Education Committee
Image Id320
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NameAsbestos in the Bathroom
CaptionAsbestos cement sheeting in walls and ceiling, adhesive behind tiles, in grout and ceiling vent.
LocationDomestic home
SourceAsbestos Education Committee
Image Id321

Wall vents

Product description
Asbestos containing material has been found in wall vents used for ventilation in domestic homes.
Product type Adhesives, mastics, putty, sealants, plasters and paints
Sub-Product type
Trading name(s)
Other name(s)
Build element Ventilation
Product identification
Known uses Wall ventilation
Asbestos fibre type
Friable or Non-Friable Non-Friable
Known Supplier(s)
Known place of manufacture
Date / period of manufacture Pre 1987
Building construction period 1941-1950,1951-1960,1961-1970,1970-1980,1981-1990
Location Domestic home
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Dog kennels
  • Hallway
  • Internal walls
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Living room
  • Walls


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    NameAsbestos vent in bathroom
    CaptionCeiling vent in bathroom
    LocationDomestic home
    SourceAsbestos Education Committee
    Image Id322


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