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Asbestos Management for Commercial & Non-Residential Properties

Although banned in the 1980s for use in commercial and non-residential properties, asbestos continued to be used in multiple locations throughout many of these properties prior to 31 December 2003.

The Asbestos Management Handbook for Commercial & Non-Residential Properties and other useful resources have been developed to provide information and guidance relating to the safe management of asbestos and asbestos-containing material (ACM) for building owners, managers, contractors and workers, and to define their responsibilities in accordance with regulations.

Developed in consultation with stakeholders from the building, property management and government sectors, these resources also provide information and images on the types of materials and products installed (in these buildings) and their locations, the procedures for developing Asbestos Management Plans (AMP), Asbestos Check Lists and Asbestos Registers.

These resources aim to provide those industries most affected by asbestos in commercial and non-residential properties with essential information to increase understanding of the responsibilities associated with asbestos management and the requirements for compliance with government regulations.

Compliance Helps Prevent Exposure of Workers

There are strict requirements regarding the management, control and/or removal of asbestos and ACM in a workplace. Under the Work Health & Safety Act 2017(WH&S) it is mandatory that those with management and control over the workplace develop and implement a definitive and effective framework to ensure the health of workers and others are not put at risk.

The Handbook has been developed in line with WH&S Act, the Codes of Practice; How to manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace, How to Safely Remove Asbestos and the Work Health and Safety Consultation Cooperation and Coordination.

Asbestos Management Handbook for Commercial & Non-Residential Properties

The Handbook is a comprehensive guide providing information on the roles and responsibilities of property owners, managers, contractors, sub-contractors, foreman and workers.  It features easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to develop and implement policies and procedures to assist in identifying and managing asbestos safely and in accordance with regulations.  It includes a list of property types across multiple sectors including government, business (high rise, mid-rise, low rise), industrial, agriculture, recreation, education and more.  The Handbook that explains complex information in user-friendly, accessible terms is complemented by Fact Sheets and Templates. The Handbook also features images of asbestos-containing products commonly found in commercial and non-residential properties.

Fact Sheets & Templates

To assist property owners, managers, contractors, project managers and foremen to develop and maintain effective asbestos management plans and procedures in the workplace, the following pre-prepared Templates and Fact Sheets can be downloaded:

    1. Asbestos Register Template
    2. Model Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) Guide Template
    3. Asbestos Removal Record Template
    4. Workers Training Requirements & Records Template
    5. Model Asbestos Policy for Contractors & Builders Template
    6. Model Asbestos Management Procedures for Contractors & Builders Template
    7. C1 Fact Sheet – Unexpected Asbestos, ACM Finds or Incidents Procedures Flow Chart
    8. C2 Fact Sheet – Unexpected Asbestos Finds or Incidents
    9. C3 Fact Sheet – Asbestos Management Recommendations and Guidelines
    10. C4 Fact Sheet – Using PPE and RPE
    11. C5 Fact Sheet – Roles and Responsibilities for the Management of Asbestos and ACM
    12. C6 Fact Sheet – 20 Point Safety Check for Contractors, Subcontractors and Workers

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