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The Asbestos Products Database is Australia’s first comprehensive online database to assist homeowners, renovators, tradespeople and some industries to identify asbestos-containing materials so they can be managed safely. The database provides  multiple search options for products commonly used in residential and commercial properties, in agriculture, automotive, industrial, plant and marine products and features over 60 different product types and more than 550 product photographs with descriptions and locations where these products might be found in homes built or renovated prior to 1990. 

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NameInternal fire door
CaptionFire door located in a plant room to a commercial sky scraper
SourceSafe Environments
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NameInternal fire door
CaptionFire door from a block of residential units / apartments
LocationDomestic home
SourceSafe Environements
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NameSubstation fire door
CaptionSubstation fire door with asbestos containing insulation
SourceEssential Energy
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Fire Doors

Product description

By the fire regulation substation entrance and internal doors must be fire rated. Asbestos was widely used in the internal construction or backing of fire doors due to its excellent fire resistance properties. That includes switchroom fire doors (wooden clad) in the form of core insulation, transformer room entrance doors (steel clad) in the form of mastic insulation, interior entrance and connecting fire doors (wooden clad) in the form of core insulation. They are usually painted gray or some other suitable colour to blend with the surroundings.

Fire doors can comprise friable asbestos core material within the door which can be released into the air when fixing door handles,locks and hinges. When observed from the top of most fire doors the core invisible,being a white millboard material. Other firedoors can have firbe cement sheet lining the inside of the fire door.

Product type Fire Doors
Sub-Product type
Trading name(s)
Other name(s) Safety door, fire barrier door, substation main doors
Build element Fire door
Product identification

As most of older type of fire doors dont have any labels or distinct markings it is very hard to positively identify asbestos content. The only way to do it is by sampling, but this is a destructive process and hygienists prefer to classify them as: suspected positive or suspected negative, based on their age and appearance. Newer types of fire doors are labelled, which make it easier to identify them as asbestos-free.

Friable asbestos had been positively identified as thecore-insulation material in some substation fire doors such as switch roomfire doors (wooden clad) in the form of core insulation, transformer roomentrance doors (steel clad) in the form of mastic insulation, interior entranceand connecting fire doors (wooden clad) in the form of core insulation.

Known uses
Asbestos fibre type
Friable or Non-Friable Friable
Known Supplier(s)
Known place of manufacture
Date / period of manufacture Pre 1982
Building construction period 1941-1950,1951-1960,1961-1970,1970-1980,1981-1990
Location Domestic home
  • Bathroom
  • Dining room
  • Dog kennels
  • Fireplace
  • Windows / Doors
  • Other
  • Doors
  • Doors
    Other Public Buildings & Apartment Complex


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NameClose Up Substation Fire Door - exposed
CaptionClose up of exposed internal asbestos insulation within fire door.
SourceEssential Energy
Image Id318


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