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Adhesives, mastics, putty, sealants, plasters and paints

Adhesives, mastics, putty, sealants, plasters and paints are the various types of adhesives known to contain asbestos. They include: Asphaltic cutback adhesive: This is black in colour and is usually found beneath vinyl tiles and flooring. Asbes...

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Used for waterproofing on rooftops and floors. 

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Includes outdoor and garden accessories such as compressed sheet top tables, compressed sheet seats and bench tops, planter bowls, letter-box stands. Form work for garden beds and buried off cuts.

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Fire Doors

By the fire regulation substation entrance and internal doors must be fire rated. Asbestos was widely used in the internal construction or backing of fire doors due to its excellent fire resistance properties. That includes switchroom fire doors (woo...

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Cement - sheets, moulded product

Includes socketed pipes, bends (all angles), tees, loose sockets, blank caps, cone cap cowls, Chinaman hat cowls, H piece, T piece, Smith cowl, west cowl, mushroom cowl, double Chinaman hat, torpedo cowl and tapered reducers.

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Insulation boards and blocks (bonded)

Heat insulation for Plant (boilers and furnaces)

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Spray Insulation

Fire rating and noise suppression, fire protection for structural steel girders, ceilings, air conditioning plant rooms - particularly for high rises, ships and walls.

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