Licenced Removalists

Asbestos Removal by a Licenced ProfessionalRemove materials containing some asbestos

To ensure protection of you and your family we recommend using a licenced professional to remove asbestos from your home. To carry out this type of work in New South Wales contractors must:

  • Be licenced from SafeWork NSW to remove any amount of friable asbestos
  • Have a licence from SafeWork NSW to remove 10 square metres or more of bonded asbestos
  • Obtain a site-specific permit from SafeWork NSW for removal of friable asbestos and notify for bonded asbestos
  • Use SafeWork NSW’s Asbestos & Demolition Licence Holder Search Facility to find a licenced removalist in your area

Rough Guide To Costs*

  • Scientific testing of Asbestos at a NATA accredited lab varies between $40-140
  • A pre-purchase Asbestos Home Inspection by a licenced inspector is approximately $400
  • Cost for 300kg of asbestos waste to be disposed of legally costs around $145 and over a tonne costs around $380. Asbestos waste can only be accepted at lawful sites and some might require notice or pre-booking.
  • A licenced removalist starts at around $35m² for the first 10m² and usually includes legal disposal

*NB: Prices quoted above are estimates only and would vary depending on individual circumstances.

A licenced removalist will come to your home, remove the asbestos safely and dispose of it according to WorkCover, EPA and council regulations.

Compared to other household expenses and tradesmen, the cost of retaining a professional asbestos removalist is affordable.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to confirm the contractor has the appropriate class of licence for the asbestos removal job and ask for a copy of their licence prior to engaging them. For more information, contact:

  • 1800 Asbestos Hotline on 1800 272 378,
  • SafeWork NSW on 13 10 50 or,
  • The Asbestos and Demolition Unit Information line on (02) 8260 5885

When the licenced removalist has disposed of the asbestos, ask the company to provide you with copies of disposal receipts and retain them for your records

How Expensive Is It To Use A Licenced Professional To Remove Asbestos?

The cost to remove fibro or bonded asbestos can vary. The cost of using a licenced professional includes safe removal and disposal at an authorised waste depot. The first 10 square metres costs on average from $35m² depending on circumstances. Often discounts apply for the removal of metres thereafter. Additional costs may apply, depending on location.

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