To reduce the incidences of asbestos-related disease, the principle weapon capable of minimising exposure to asbestos fibres is an effective community awareness and education campaign that alerts the Australian public to the ever-present dangers of asbestos and educates them on safe management practices through the provision of accessible, user-friendly information and educational resources.

Since the launch of the Asbestos Awareness Campaign and website, a number of local, state and federal government agencies across Australia have actively and financially supported the campaign and utilised the resources provided on the website including SafeWork NSW, WorkSafe Tasmania, SafeWork SA, the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency and 100% of local governments Australia-wide.

With 1 in every 3 Australian homes containing asbestos, it’s vital that we continue to generate lifesaving awareness of asbestos risks and ensure that the website continues to provide Australians with direct access to world-first lifesaving information.  Essential funding from government and community stakeholders, insurers, legal firms and other organisations that deal with asbestos liabilities is required to keep the website live.

Only through working together to increase and maintain these vital Asbestos Awareness initiatives that benefit the community, can we hope to save lives.

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