Betty, Geoff and Karen AAM13_6630Betty is a popular girl! We receive multiple requests each week from councils, community groups and organisations to have her visit their events or communities around NSW – she also receives requests from other states! You can often find Betty at a Bunnings Warehouse!

Due to the nature of Betty, she has a number of special requirements and is unfortunately unable to attend all events because of her size, shape and the practicality of moving her. While we will make every effort to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee Betty will be able to attend every event request or be available for multiple days. Each request is assessed on a case-by-case basis and against a set of criteria which includes the location, duration, and potential number of visitor to an event plus community need.

If you are interested in having Betty visit your community or attend your event please contact us using the below form and we will be in touch shortly. Please note: During November (Asbestos Awareness Month), Betty’s schedule is limited. If you would like to host her during Asbestos Awareness Month please contact us in September.

Betty Booking Request Form

Fill out my online form.

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