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Register Now for Asbestos Awareness Month!DSC_0947

Councils, associations, organisations, community groups and government departments are invited to participate in the ‘National Asbestos Awareness Month Campaign’. Your participation can be large or small. 

Organisations who actively participate in the Asbestos Awareness Campaign will be eligible to enter the Betty Awards which recognise outstanding contributions to raising awareness about the dangers of asbestos. Details of the award submission process will be provided to all registrants. For details click here.

Participation can include but is not limited to:

  • Distribute media release to promote your organisational support for asbestos awareness (templates are available to registered organisations).
  • e-newsletters and newsletters include information about Asbestos Awareness Month
  • Feature Asbestos Awareness Banner Tiles and links to on your website
  • Feature the Asbestos Awareness Logo on all suitable material to promote the website.
  • If public health orders permit, hold a Covid Safe ‘Blue Lamington Drive’ morning or afternoon tea as a forum to discuss asbestos awareness with staff and/or guests from external groups.Blue Lamington Promo 2013
  • Host a ‘Asbestos Awareness Month challenge’ to raise awareness of asbestos in your community.
  • Host information sessions for staff and communities.
  • Include the Asbestos Awareness Month Email Signature in all outgoing emails.
  • Incorporate the radio ads as on-hold music. Use the television ads on public promotional TVs.
  • Host a Tradies Breaky– to educate tradies and home handymen about the dangers of asbestos.
  • Mention asbestos awareness in the Mayoral column.
  • Print and display posters and brochures.
  • Promote Asbestos Awareness Month on your Blog, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Promote Asbestos Awareness to all relevant groups in your community to engage their support for the campaign including; TAFE, Trade schools, all trades and trades associations relevant to building and renovating and local hardware stores.
  • Promote the Asbestos Awareness message on all Council materials distributed to the community including rate notices and newsletters. This can be done simply by including the Asbestos Awareness logo.
  • Publish information on your website and intranet sites.

Registered Organisations Receive

  • Briefing Notes.
  • Asbestos Awareness Month media release template – organisations may add their logo, a quote from Mayor/CEO and distribute to your local or industry related print, radio, online and if relevant, television media.
  • Graphics – Asbestos Awareness Logo, website banner tiles, email signature for use in outgoing emails.
  • Radio ads – for use in place of “on hold” music for telephone systems.
  • Television ads – for use in shop-front displays if relevant.
  • Posters and brochures – in both print-ready files and in PDFs.
  • Photographs of asbestos products and other relevant images including a diagram of a house.
  • Background Copy – 300 and 115 words.

Register Now for Asbestos Awareness Month!

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